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                   Only a few reasons why you need 
                  Harley in your herd genetics.

  • 35 lbs of velvet as an 8 year old with a CWI of 118.43

  • Best calcification score in the mature class at the 1999 Elk Expo Velvet Competition.

  • 4th in the 1999 Hard Horn Mature Typical Class scoring 388 SCI. @ 7 years old.

  • 7th in the 1999 Elk Expo Velvet Competition Mature Class.

  • 1st in the 1997 Elk Expo Velvet Competition 6 year old class.

  • 3 half-brothers all cutting over 30 lbs of velvet in 1999, including: 

          *  Napoleon of Minnesota, 35 lbs  of velvet in 1999.
          *  Precision of Northern Genetics, SK
          *  Rocky of Kitscoty, AB
    **  All of these bulls are either being used as herdsires or are selling semen.

  • Harley's sire, "Copper" cut 42 lbs of velvet in 1998

  • Has a fantastic disposition and conformation

  • Fabulous trophy shooter potential.  Beautiful symmetry, long beams and tines with great width.

TKLE 0022 - Harley










































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